Why worry about SEO, design , hosting and copywriting when
you could pass it on to someone that can do it, while you get on
with your business. Rather than provide you with a website that you
can’t do anything with, I use openly available, standards-based
Content Management Systems, so that you can manage it yourself, and
I will show you how, or I can do it for you. I’ll also look at your
copywriting if you want and your search engine optimisation and
advertising. My business is to make your website make money, so I
try and look at things with a commercial viewpoint. There’s nothing
worse than badly written text to put people off your website (and
if you come across any errors on this website, you can email me and
claim a free gift) I also provide design services for print, and if
you need some advice about setting up your business IT, I might be
able to help. Call me on 0141 280 3040 or email